Reliability At Its Core

Our philosophy here at MES is that the money is made in the woods, and lost in the sugarhouse. There's no question that high vacuum increases production. The only question is what vacuum pump to use. MES has teamed up with Atlas Copco to offer the highest quality pumps on the market. Atlas Copco offers both sealed rotary vane pump and rotary screw pump. These compact, all inclusive units provide the high vacuum that sugar makers are looking for.

Why a Rotary Vane Pump?

Are you tired of trying to work with your liquid ring pump? Are you having trouble with freezing? Are you having trouble finding water and keeping water during the season? Is your pump noisy?  Does it take a lot of oil?  Does it make 29 inHg?  The Atlas Copco sealed rotary vane pump has the advantage of being a sealed oil pump. This pump has impressive reliability and extremely low lifecycle costs. The pumps contain between a quart and a gallon of oil depending on model size.  They operate at 73 db of noise.  In addition, the Atlas Copco sealed rotary vane pump is equiped with a built-in gas ballast to assist in water handling capability. Water in your pump is never a good thing. However, to deal with high humidity in the pipeline system, this gas ballast will help with water handling.

Choosing the right pump starts with looking at the pump curve. Are you sick of contacting other OEM's for pump curves with no response? We at MES understand pump curves as it relates to vacuum. If you have any questions about pump curves, feel free to Contact Us. As you can see by the pump curves, these Atlas Copco pumps have a high range of vacuum and unlike other pumps the pump maintains max cfm's until high vacuum is achieved.

Atlas Copco Blue Logo.jpg

Why Atlas Copco?

Lastly, when choosing an Atlas Copco pump, you are choosing reliability, dependability, and experienced service at the drop of a hat. Atlas Copco offers service on their line of vacuum pumps, even during critical times such as nights and weekends. Choosing Atlas Copco pumps not only assures a high quality pump, the service location of the technicians are in New England. A down vacuum pump is always in the back of every sugar maker's mind.

Feel free to Contact Us us today for any question regarding Atlas Copco vacuum pumps. Sizing, specifiying, and talking vacuum is one of our specialties!