Here at MES we are constantly working with customers to develop the best product on the market. Having countless years of experience we know what the sugar maker wants – customization. 


Maple Expert Solutions Inc., better known to our customers and colleagues as MES, was officially incorporated in 2012 to tackle the challenging mechanical problems within the sugarhouse. Since its conception, interest in MES has exploded. From bringing forward the latest and most innovative reverse osmosis (RO) design to improving RO membrane technologies, MES is on the forefront of development. During the off-season we are constantly reviewing the past sugar season and thinking of improvements, leading to many days of conception, design, testing, and implementation. There is never a piece of equipment that leaves our shop without being fully tested.

We at MES appreciate you taking the time to visit and check out our website. Feel free to ask us questions as we always like to hear about the challenges you face. Sometimes a simple conversation can solve a lot of headaches or lead to exciting new ideas.