We are excited to announce our tubing fitting announcement!

Our RO technology is patent pending in both the US and Canada!

Maple Expert Solutions Inc. (MES) is proud to present high quality products and services to the maple syrup industry. From high performance membranes to custom reverse osmosis design, MES will show you the most innovative solutions paired with some of the best creative approaches. Efficiency is the priority when it comes to maple syrup production. We at MES are always thinking of improving the process or adding value to the equipment. We realize the maple sugaring season can be a high stress, sleepless time of year, and many of our products aim to reduce the time the operator needs to be in the sugarhouse. Rested operators provide work more efficiently and make better decisions. You can look to MES for products that can help to reduce downtime, improve performance, and take the guess work out of some of your operations. Whether you purchased one of our membranes to increase the flow of your RO skid, or you have purchased one of our RO skids that has cutting-edge technology, you will find MES products to be of the highest quality and be followed with the highest quality of service. Rest assured, when you work with MES, our attention to detail and commitment to improving your operation will result in years of satisfaction.

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